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Actin, an essential player in cell adhesion and migration

Found in all eukaryotic cells, actin is a protein essential to maintain cell structure. In humans, three main actin groups have been identified - alpha, beta. Actin is used as a loading control for western blotting to normalize protein loading. Read full article.

Knockout validated beta actin antibody

A review of our knockout validated antibody

Actin filament polymerization

Exlpore targets to the research process of actin polymerization

Loading control guide

We offer a validated range of loading control antibodies. 19 targets are available in multiple pack sizes and several HRP conjugates. Use our table to find the right loading control for your western blots.

An overview of Wnt signalling

A review of Wnt signaling mechanisms, including the beta-catenin, the planar cell polarity and the Wnt/Ca2+ pathways.

An Introduction to Western Blotting

In this on-demand introductory webinar to western blotting, our resident expert gives advice on sample preparation through to detection, as well as offering a few troubleshooting tips.

Human CD antigen guide

Comprehensive guide to Human CD antigens.

Knockout (KO) validation: confirming antibody specificity

To ensure you have highly specific antibodies, we use KO validation via CRISPR/Cas9 genome-editing to give you the reliable results your research demands.

Electrophoresis for western blot

Discover our detailed electrophoresis protocol, including the preparation of PAGE gels and loading controls.

Western blot protocol

Our western blot protocol is a quick guide to help with your experiment, and includes a list of solutions and reagents.

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