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T cell activation interactive pathway

Check out our T cell activation interactive pathway and browse for antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits against targets such as CD3, CD28, CD45 and ZAP70.

Microglia subtypes and their markers

Read an overview on amoeboid, ramified and reactive microglial cells and their common surface markers such as CD11b, CD68, CD40, B7 and ICAM-1.

Microglia markers

Choose the best markers for microglia, including TMEM119 and Iba1 with this at-a-glance guide. Read it now.

Immune cell markers poster

We highlight the best markers for immunophenotyping human and mouse immune cells, compiled from over 250 references.

Endothelial cell markers

Quickly select endothelial cells markers based on your application needs.

Human CD antigen guide

Comprehensive guide to Human CD antigens.

Top Epigenetics articles: May 2015

Looking for an easy way to keep on top of the latest Epigenetics literature? Sit back and read our top picks from May.

Neural markers guide

Neurons and glia express unique sets of transcription factors, enzymes, cytoskeletal proteins and receptors. Ensure you are choosing the best neural subtype markers with these easy-to-use guides.

Fat-associated lymphoid clusters (FALCs)

Dr Jorge Caamaño discusses the link between inflammation and the formation of fat-associated lymphoid clusters, at the Cambridge Immunology Network.

BMDC isolation protocol

This protocol will guide you through isolating immature mouse bone marrow-derived dendritic cells (BMDCs).

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