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p21 in apoptosis and cancer

Choose the right tools for identifying roles of procaspase 3, caspase 8, ASK1, galectin 8 in p21-mediated apoptosis.

Caspase activity assay kits

Review our caspase activity assay kits

Caspase activity detection

Useful tips for selecting caspase substrate-based activity assays.

Cell viability and cell death assay kits

Assay cell viability, cytotoxicity, and apoptosis in live or fixed cells, with the latest technologies and using flow cytometer, microscopy or microplate reader

Role of caspases in apoptosis

Learn about the role of caspases - the executioners of apoptosis, and how to investigate their activity.

Role of calpain & cathepsin in apoptosis

The roles of calpain and cathepsin are important in understanding cell death. Find out how to detect their activity.

Pathways of Necroptotic Cell Death

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the link as well as differences between apoptosis and necroptosis. It also introduces new tools developed to activate effectors of necroptosis.

Mitochondrial Functions in Cell Death

Watch this on-demand webinar presented by Dr Stephen Tait to learn the key roles that mitochondria play in cell death.

Metabolic Regulation of Cell Death

In this on-demand webinar titled 'Metabolic regulation of cell death', Dr Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo (IDIBELL) explains the interplay between cell death and cell metabolism as well as the mechanisms of cell death during ischemia.

Apoptosis: cell-death pathways explained

Neuronal degeneration through inappropriate activation of apoptotic cell-death pathways explained. Mechanisms and key protein players.

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