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Cdk-cyclin, effectors and the cell cycle

Guide to identifying and studying Cdk-cyclin and its effectors in cell cycle progression and cancer.


The regulation of the cell cycle

Read about the history of cell cycle research, the different phases of the cell cycle and the involvement of Cyclins and Cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks) and download your own copy of the brand new cell cycle pathway card.

Assay kits

Cell viability and cell death assay kits

Assay cell viability, cytotoxicity, and apoptosis in live or fixed cells, with the latest technologies and using flow cytometer, microscopy or microplate reader


D-type cyclins, cell cycle and cancer

This article discusses the connection between D-type cyclins, the cell cycle and cancer. It highlights the targets of the cyclin D-CDK4/6 complexes and provides evidence for cancer development upon deregulation of this complex.


Tools to study c-Myc and the Myc-tag

Everything you need to study Myc tagged proteins, and c-Myc expression and phosphorylation, transcription factor activity, and target genes and miRNAs.


Cancer biomarker panels

Identify panels of biomarkers for the four most common forms of cancer: lung, breast, bowel,m and prostate cancer.


p38 MAPK signaling and phosphorylation

p38 MAPK signaling regulates numerous pathways that control cell death, G1 arrest, inflammation and ROS regulation...

Primary Antibodies

Best-in-class IHC markers

Discover the benefits of our exclusive IHC markers.

Stem cells

An overview of Wnt signalling

A review of Wnt signaling mechanisms, including the beta-catenin, the planar cell polarity and the Wnt/Ca2+ pathways.

Agonists activators antagonists and inhibitors

NF-kB inhibitor and activator guide

Complete guide to selecting NF-kB inhibitors and activators.

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