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Epidermal growth factors and cancer | Abcam

Find out about EGFR interactions, roles and cancer therapy options.

The tumor microenvironment

The tumor microenvironment(TME)is the zone where malignant, supporting cells and extracellular matrix interact to promote tumor growth and survival. Read more about this area in our article.

Membrane antibody array analyte listings - human

Find a complete list of human analytes for our membrane antibody arrays. Use membrane arrays to profile samples for cytokines, angiogenesis markers, inflammatory markers and many more.

Exploring In-Cell ELISAs

Use In-Cell ELISAs to quantify intra-cellular targets in whole cells with lysate preparation

Cancer biomarker panels

Identify panels of biomarkers for the four most common forms of cancer: lung, breast, bowel,m and prostate cancer.

Top epigenetics articles: January 2015

Looking to keep up with the latest epigenetics literature? Read our summaries of our favorite epigenetics research papers from January.

Mouse analytes and panels for FirePlex immunoassays

Our list of individual mouse analytes and pre-designed panels for FirePlex® multiplex immunoassays.

An Introduction to In-Cell ELISA

In this on-demand introductory webinar to In-Cell ELISA, our resident expert Dr John Constable explains the benefits of In-Cell technology, key reagents and optimizing techniques.

Listen to our ELISA podcast

Our ELISA specialist talks you through converting O.D. measurements into accurate protein concentrations.

Top Epigenetics articles: February 2015

Want a hand keeping up with the most exciting new research in the field of epigenetics? We have hand-picked out favorite epigenetics articles from February

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