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GAPDH: not just for glycolysis …

Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) is an enzyme involved in the breaking down of glucose to obtain energy. It is also a widely used western blotting loading control to normalize protein loading levels. Read this article to learn about all its functions.

Alexa Fluor® labeled loading controls

Loading control antibodies against core housekeeping proteins (beta actin, alpha tubulin, and GADPH) conjugated to Alexa Fluor® 680 and Alexa Fluor 790® dyes for fluorescent western blot

Loading control antibody panels

Panels of loading control antibodies for western blot. Targets against core housekeeping proteins. Multiple conjugation formats available.

Assay cell metabolism by plate reader

Use our fluorescent microplate assays to measure oxygen consumption and glycolytic flux, and build a picture of cell metabolism.

Loading controls - why bother?

To obtain any reliable information about the expression levels of proteins on western blots, it is essential that an appropriate loading control is used.

Loading control guide

We offer a validated range of loading control antibodies. 19 targets are available in multiple pack sizes and several HRP conjugates. Use our table to find the right loading control for your western blots.

Cancer metabolism poster

A poster covering basic enzyme and protein alterations of cancer cell metabolism.

Mitochondrial function and cancer poster

Learn more about the altered mitochondrial function in cancer which manifests itself as increased glycolysis, glutaminolysis and macromolecular biogenesis.

Molecular targets for glycolysis

Glycolysis related markers and inhibitors

Studying hallmarks of cancer

The tools and techniques you need to study the hallmarks of cancer

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