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Substrates and chromogens for IHC

Read the guide to our IHC detection substrates and chromogens to help you choose the right method for you.

Glutamatergic neuron markers

A guide to selecting markers for labeling glutamatergic neurons. Includes vGLUT1, vGLUT2 and glutaminase.

Astrocyte markers

Choose the best astrocyte markers, inlcuding GFAP and ALDH1L1, with this at-a-glance guide.

Neural markers guide

Neurons and glia express unique sets of transcription factors, enzymes, cytoskeletal proteins and receptors. Ensure you are choosing the best neural subtype markers with these easy-to-use guides.

Directly conjugated neural markers

Our conjugated primary antibodies against neuronal and glia markers will save you time and are ideal for multicolour immunofluorescence and flow cytometry experiments.

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