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Epigenetic modifications poster

This poster is a guide to epigenetic modifications including histone modifications, DNA methylation, histone modifier enzymes and more.

Histone modifications and where to find

A cheat sheet to quickly remember which histone modification marks which genomic element, and which antibodies you can use to specifically detect them.

Chromatin and histone extraction kits

Our chromatin and histone extraction kits have been optimized for use with ChIP and epigenetic assays, to ensure you start your analysis with an optimal sample.

Histone modifications

Learn about the most common histone modifications eg H4K4me1, H3K9me3, and H3K27me3 and their readers, writers, and erasers.

Histone antibodies at Abcam

Read about the role of histones and explore our human, yeast, plant and drosophila histone antibody catalog.

ChIP and ChIP-seq kits

Maintaining low backgrounds and the ability to perform all down stream analysis. Our ChIP kits offer simple and reliable assays to detect and quantify interactions in just five hours.

Applications of ChIP

Watch this on-demand applications of ChIP webinar to learn about epigenetics, ChIP and histone modifications.

An Introduction to ChIP Principles

ChIP is a very powerful technique that allows for the analysis of protein localization on DNA regions in the genome. Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how to optimize and troubleshoot your ChIP experiments.

ChIP Protocol Optimization Webinar

Watch this webinar to hear David Grotsky, Abcam's Epigenetic specialist review chromatin basics, protocol optimizations, and key troubleshooting tips and answers your questions during a live Q&A session.

Intro: Post-Translational Modifications

In this introductory on-demand webinar to post-translational modifications, guest speaker Prof Kevin Hiom helps troubleshoot and provides useful tips for this application.

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