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Membrane antibody array analyte listings - human

Find a complete list of human analytes for our membrane antibody arrays. Use membrane arrays to profile samples for cytokines, angiogenesis markers, inflammatory markers and many more.

Chemokine signaling interactive pathway

Learn about the different classes of chemokines, their receptors and how chemokine signaling activates the JAK/Stat, Ras, Erk and Akt pathways.

Easy-access multiplexing

Analyze FirePlex® multiplex assays on your flow cytometer. Sensitive and accurate with no need for a dedicated instrument.

Human analytes and panels for FirePlex immunoassays

Our list of individual human analytes and pre-designed panels for FirePlex® multiplex immunoassays.

Human CD antigen guide

Comprehensive guide to Human CD antigens.

Differentiate hESCs

The cytokines and co-culture feeder cells you need to differentiate hESCs into mature myeloid and lymphoid cells.

Mast cells and atherosclerosis

Discover a review of recent developments in mast cells and atherosclerosis. Including a table of selected mediators produced by or released from mast cells.

Toll-like receptors: very clever molecules | Abcam

Read our review of the history of toll-like receptors and their role in innate immunity.

Fireplex validation and benchmarking

Multiplex immunoassays: we validate, test, and benchmark the performance of FirePlex against ELISA and Luminex assays.

NF-kB inhibitor and activator guide

Complete guide to selecting NF-kB inhibitors and activators.

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