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Protein A, G, L or jacalin?

Choosing the optimal affinity resin is key to affinity purification of antibodies, immunoprecipitation and ChIP. Commonly used immobilized proteins vary in their ability to bind antibodies of different species and subclass. Read our detailed selection guide.

Human CD antigen guide

Comprehensive guide to Human CD antigens.

Antibody structure and isotypes

Read about the structural components that make up an antibody, including heavy and light chains, F(ab) and Fc regions, and antibody isotypes.

Choosing secondaries wisely

Choosing the right secondary antibody matters. Learn about the many factors that may affect the specificity, sensitivity and consistency of secondary antibodies.

Dual cross-linking ChIP protocol

ChIP with a dual cross-linking method to efficiently bind transcription factors (TFs) within chromatin. Effective for TFs within DNA binding complexes.

Antibodies formatted for GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling

Learn about Abcam's collaboration with NanoString to offer bespoke/ customized GeoMx-formatted antibodies for use in Digital Spatial Profiling.

Immunoprecipitation protocol

General immunoprecipitation procedure including a list of reagents and a table to help you choose the correct protein beads.

Cross-linking ChIP protocol (X-ChIP)

Find out the procedure for cross-linking chromatin immunoprecipitation (X-ChIP) with this detailed guide

Advantages Of immunoglobulin F(ab) and F(ab')2 fragments

The use of immunoglobulin fragments eliminates non-specific binding between the Fc portions of antibodies and the Fc receptor on cells.

Secondary antibody selection guide

A complete guide to secondary antibody selection, helping you choose the most appropriate secondary antibody for your application. Discover more information on antibody host species, isotype, pre-adsorption, and F(ab) fragments.

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