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Reliable proteins for your assays

An overview of our protein range - activity tested recombinant proteins for functional studies and reliable proteins for use as standards or positive controls in ELISA and WB

Tumor microenvironment poster

The tumor microenvironment critically regulates both tumor and immune cells to drive tumor cell growth and survival. Download our free poster, here.

Antigen retrieval reagents

For optimal epitope retrieval to ensure superior staining in immunohistochemistry (IHC). Try our ready-to-use, optimized reagents.

Substrates and chromogens for IHC

Read the guide to our IHC detection substrates and chromogens to help you choose the right method for you.

Easy-to-use detection kits for IHC

Trying to achieve clean, sensitive staining in IHC? Review the different chromogenic detection methods and kits available, including for biotin-based (eg ABC) and polymer methods.

Cancer pathways wall chart

Download our cancer pathways wall chart, covering Akt signaling, EGF, p53, VEGF, MMP inhibition and cellular apoptosis pathways.

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