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Assay kits

Cell viability and cell death assay kits

Assay cell viability, cytotoxicity, and apoptosis in live or fixed cells, with the latest technologies and using flow cytometer, microscopy or microplate reader


Highly cited MMP-9 antibody

Our MMP-9 RabMAb® antibody has been cited in over 70 publications. See how some other researchers have used this antibody in their experiments.


Collagen tips

Ensure that you are getting specific results for your collagen of interest.


Metastasis antibody comparison

We take a look at how our antibodies perform in a direct comparison with some of our competitors leading antibodies.


Stimulating MMP-9 expression

Protocol for using PMA to induce MMP-9 expression in cell lines, and prepare lysates for downstream analysis.


Compare MMP-9 antibodies in IHC

Are you using the most sensitive MMP-9 antibody? Our MMP-9 RabMAb® antibody goes further than leading competitors. See the data.

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