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Immuno-Oncology ELISA kits and reagents

Whether you're looking to measure PD-L1, PD1 or CTLA-4, browse our range of immuno-oncology ELISA kits and matched antibody pairs.

Cancer immunotherapy & PD1/PDL1 pathway

The PD-1/PD-L1 pathway has shown promising clinical success as a cancer immunotherapy target. Learn how this pathway may lead to the next breakthrough.

Canadian Cancer Immunotherapy Meeting

Canadian Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium Annual Meeting, September 18-20, 2019 in Toronto, Canada


Watch this on-demand webinar presented by guest speaker Dr George Prendergast, it provides an overview of the future of Immunochemotherapy with a focus on the convergence of cross-disciplinary themes.

PD-L1 antibody clone comparison

Compare our top recombinant PD-L1 antibody clones.

IHC optimized rabbit recombinant antibodies | Abcam

We've added to our range of best-in-class IHC optimized antibodies to bring you access to more highly validated antibodies against immuno-oncology targets.

An introduction to cancer immunotherapy

Learn how current cancer immunotherapies involve immune checkpoint modulators, adoptive T-cell therapy, and vaccines to reverse the growth of cancer tumors

Human CD antigen guide

Comprehensive guide to Human CD antigens.

Anti-PD-L1 RabMAb® antibody [28-8]

Highly characterized in IHC, Flow Cyt and ICC/IF and knockout (KO) validated.

Tools for immuno-oncology biomarker research

Find the antibodies and assay kits you need to unlock the power of immuno-oncology. Includes products for PD-L1, PD-1, CTLA4 and CXCR4.

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