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Cardiac atrophy & heart remodeling

Cardiac atrophy & heart remodeling

Latest publications for FirePlex® Immunassays and miRNA assays

FirePlex®​ particle technology works with your flow cytometer to allow true multiplexed analysis. Find out how others have been using the technology.

IHC fixation protocol

Learn how to perform paraformaldehyde, ethanol, methanol and acetone fixation, as well as perfusion fixation with our detailed protocol.

Metabolic syndrome: an overview

A summary of our 3-part webinar series on metabolic syndrome, discussing its pathophysiology, molecular mechanisms and animal models used to study it.

Secondaries you can trust

Our scientists have developed a range of well-defined secondary antibodies with extensive validation data in key applications.

Non-denaturing extraction for ELISA and dipstick activity assays

This guide outlines the steps to perform lauryl-maltoside extractions of functional enzymes and proteins from tissues and cultured cells for use with our ELISA and dipstick activity assays.

Calcium signaling in cardiac myocytes

A quick overview of the role calcium plays in cardiac myocytes, excitation-contraction coupling and calcium induced calcium release (CICR).

An Introduction to IHC Principles

Discover more with this introduction to immunohistochemistry on-demand webinar. Get hints and tips involved in this technique.

miRNA as toxicity biomarkers in vivo

Firefly miRNA toxicology panels allow you to assess cardio and liver toxicity from only 20 µL of crude biofluids

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