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Live cell staining dyes

Review dyes used for labeling subcellular organelles, live cell tracking, and live cell labeling.

Actin, an essential player in cell adhesion and migration

Found in all eukaryotic cells, actin is a protein essential to maintain cell structure. In humans, three main actin groups have been identified - alpha, beta. Actin is used as a loading control for western blotting to normalize protein loading. Read full article.

Actin filament polymerization

Exlpore targets to the research process of actin polymerization

Organelle markers and dyes

Reagents to identify the subcellular localization of a protein. Learn more about our high quality reagents to track your protein of interest.

Knockout validated beta actin antibody

A review of our knockout validated antibody

IHC/ICC Staining Techniques

This on-demand webinar explains how to incorporate more advanced aspects of ICC/IHC theory and practice into experiments. Topics include designing and analyzing multi-color imaging experiments.

Multi-color cell imaging reagents

Choose from our diverse set of reagents optimized for multi-color imaging.

Optimizing ICC and IHC results

Learn how to optimize ICC and IHC results through careful experimental design with our senior imaging specialist Simon Renshaw.

Confocal Microscopy in Life Sciences

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the basic principles of confocal microscopy, sample preparation through to data analysis, advantage over epifluorescent microscopy and how the confocal microscope works.

Plasma membrane marker antibodies

An overview of commonly used plasma membrane markers such as sodium potassium ATPase, PMCA, pan Cadherin and CD98.

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