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Immature neuron markers

A guide to selecting markers for labeling immature neurons and intermediate progenitors. Inlcudes TBR2, TBR1 and doublecortin. Read now.

Antigen retrieval reagents

For optimal epitope retrieval to ensure superior staining in immunohistochemistry (IHC). Try our ready-to-use, optimized reagents.

Substrates and chromogens for IHC

Read the guide to our IHC detection substrates and chromogens to help you choose the right method for you.

Easy-to-use detection kits for IHC

Trying to achieve clean, sensitive staining in IHC? Review the different chromogenic detection methods and kits available, including for biotin-based (eg ABC) and polymer methods.

BrdU staining protocol

Download our BrdU protocol and learn how to stain proliferating cells in vitro or in vivo using bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU).

Microtubule inhibitor guide

Complete guide to selecting microtubule inhibitors, tubulin inhibitors and microtubule-associating protein (MAP) targeting compounds.

Neural markers guide

Neurons and glia express unique sets of transcription factors, enzymes, cytoskeletal proteins and receptors. Ensure you are choosing the best neural subtype markers with these easy-to-use guides.

Direct Reprogramming of Somatic Cells

This first of three webinars presented by Benedikt Berninger covers the concept of direct lineage conversion via transcription factor-driven reprogramming and mechanistic principles underlying direct reprogramming.

NeuN antibodies: important tools

​NeuN (neuronal nuclei) antibodies are fundamental tools for staining mature neurons and studying neuronal development and differentiation.

Adult Neurogenesis at 50

Read all about the Adult Neurogenesis: Evolution, Regulation & Function conference, chaired by Prof Gerd Kempermann and celebrating the 50th anniversary of Joseph Altman's landmark.

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