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Antibodies to c-Myc and Myc tag

Whether you’re studying endogenous c-Myc or Myc-tagged proteins, we’ve got you covered. Try our rabbit monoclonal to c-Myc and our 9E10 clone to the Myc tag.

c-Myc structure, function and regulation

Learn about the Myc family, the role of c-MYC as an oncogene, the structure and function of the protein and its phosphorylation and degradation.

Tools to study c-Myc and the Myc-tag

Everything you need to study Myc tagged proteins, and c-Myc expression and phosphorylation, transcription factor activity, and target genes and miRNAs.

c-myc and cancer - with Gerard Evan

Listen to Professor Gerard Evan on why targeting the engines of cancer could prove more effective that personalized medicine.

Epitope tag antibodies

A full range of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to common epitope tag targets. Conjugations for every epitope tag available.

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