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Choosing a primary antibody or secondary antibody

Learn how to find the primary or secondary antibody most suitable for your experiments. Includes choosing the species of primary antibody host.

Secondary antibodies optimized for Co-IP

Learn more about our HRP or AP conjugated secondary antibodies optimized to prevent heavy and light chain primary antibody detection after the co-IP steps

Choosing & optimizing antibodies for IHC

Selecting the right antibody is the most important factor when designing an IHC experiment. Read our guide to choosing a primary antibody for IHC.

Indirect flow cytometry protocol

Learn how to perform indirect flow cytometry using a primary antibody and conjugated secondary antibody.

10 µl size - RabMAb® primary antibodies

We are now selling 10 µl sample size antibodies. Our RabMAb® antibodies are tested and trusted in academia and industry. Trial our antibodies and discover more.

Custom blocking peptides

Blocking peptides can be used as controls to evaluate the specificity of antibodies in applications such as IHC and WB. Find out how to order blocking peptides for our RabMAb® primary antibodies.

Conjugation kits: fast antibody labeling

Rapidly label your primary antibody or protein with fluorophores, enzymes or gold without affecting epitope recognition. With no downstream separation or clean-up steps you can quickly produce a directly labeled antibody & benefit from direct immunoassays. Learn more

Sandwich ELISA protocol

Learn how to set up a sandwich ELISA, covering all steps from plate coating and blocking to incubations with primary and secondary antibodies.

Direct ELISA using fluorescent substrate protocol | Abcam

Procedure and tips for direct ELISA assay using a fluorescent conjugated primary antibody. View the protocol now.

Our services

A complete list of primary services, from large volume orders to custom antibody development.

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