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Flow cytometric analysis of cell cycle

Read how propidium iodide and other DNA stains can be used to assess cell cycle using flow cytometry.

Annexin V detection protocol for apoptosis

Discover the procedure for the early detection of apoptosis using annexin V in our detailed step-by-step protocol.

Loss of membrane asymmetry in apoptosis

Detect loss of membrane asymmetry and PS exposure in apoptosis. We explain which tools you can use.

Cell proliferation and cell cycle assays

Learn about your options when you need a cell proliferation or cell cycle assay.

Flow cytometry recommended controls

Understanding how and why you can improve your results by including controls for cell viability, autofluorescence, spectral overlap and antibody binding

Cytotoxicity assays guide

Learn about your options when you need a cytotoxicity assay.

Metabolic Regulation of Cell Death

In this on-demand webinar titled 'Metabolic regulation of cell death', Dr Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo (IDIBELL) explains the interplay between cell death and cell metabolism as well as the mechanisms of cell death during ischemia.

Mitochondrial Functions in Cell Death

Watch this on-demand webinar presented by Dr Stephen Tait to learn the key roles that mitochondria play in cell death.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC): the complete guide

Learn everything from the basics through to advanced techniques and troubleshooting for immunohistochemistry (IHC) with our complete expert guide.

IHC staining protocol

A step-by-step protocol to immunostaining of paraffin-embedded, frozen and free-floating sections.

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