Question (38552) | Anti-RFP antibody (ab28664)

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We are looking for an anti-RFP antibody that will recognise a mutated form of RFP. We would like to check if ab28664 antibody works with RedStar2, made from a combination of T4-DsRed and the RedStar mutant ( Janke et al, Yeast 2004;21: 947-962). Do you know if this antibody works for Western Blotting on RedStar2 or could we have a small quantity to test.


Thank you for contacting us.

We have not validated this antibody for use with RedStar2. If you could provide the amino acid sequence for this protein I will be happy to check the homology with our RFP antibodies to see if we have one that would be likely to cross-react.

Unfortunately, we do not offer free or trial sized samples of any of our products. I am sorry I could not be more helpful, please let me know if you need any additional information or assistance.

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