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Hi, I was wondering if this product will detect mCherry? We have designed a doxycycline inducible stable cell line in MDCK cells. We use mCherry as one of our controls and need an antibody that will detect it in Western blots. If this antibody is able to detect mCherry, may I also get a quote on this item.


Thank you for contacting us.

To our knowledge, the antibody ab62341 has not been tested for reactivity with mCherry. I suggest trying ab28664, if you only plan to use it for western blotting, because the immunogen sequence, VNGHEFEIEGEGEGR, is 100% conserved in the mCherry sequence at the following URL.

This antibody has not been tested for reactivity with mCherry either but we expect it has a higher likelihood of cross-reaction than ab62341, given that the immunogen for ab62341 is full-length RFP (, which has only 85% identity with full-length mCherry.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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