Question (26766) | Anti-RUBISCO antibody (ab62391)

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We purchased  a few primary  antibodies against peroxiredoxin family (ab16830, ab16944, ab16947) . We will use these antibodies in western blot analysis. However, we are not sure whether these antibodies recognize reduced form of the proteins or non-reduced form of the proteins. Please, can you give detailed information about these antibodies. Moreover, we purchased a primary antibody for RUBISCO (ab62391) and a secondary antibody (ab97141) that recognizes the ab62391 primary antibody. Secondary antibody is an unconjugated antibody but we want to use it in a western analysis. Is it possible to use this secondary in western blot?  


Thank you for contacting us.  We have only tested these Peroxiredoxin antibodies under reducing conditions in WB.  They may be suitable for use under non-reducing conditions as well, but this has not been validated in house.  The unconjugated secondary antibody ab97141 will react with the primary antibody ab62391 and is suitable for use in WB.  You can detect this secondary antibody by either conjugating it with one of our EasyLink conjugating kits, or using an additional anti-goat secondary antibody.  Alternatively, you could use the equivalent HRP conjugated anti-Chicken IgY secondary antibody ab97150,  I hope this helps, please let me know if you need any additional information. 

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