Question (27734) | Anti-SATB2 antibody [EPNCIR130A] (ab92446)

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As a customer, I have just recently purchased several antibodies from Abcam, most of them are working very nicely. But there is one antibody, Rabbit monoclonal [EPNCIR130A] to SATB2 (Cat. ab92446, Lot. GR7835-5) does NOT perform as shown on the datasheet. We did our immunocytochemistry right after the SATB2 antibody arrived, there is no any nuclear staining (where the protein should localize), we could only visualize a lot of aggregates with fluorescence distributing everywhere not in cells. It seems very obvious the SATB2 antibody had been forming aggregates before and/or during the antibody had been delivered. Since this is a very important piece of data for our study, I am now writing to ask for Replacement of this antibody ab92446.


Thank you for contacting us. I am very sorry to hear that you are having problems with this antibody. Could you please let me know a few more experimental details (for our records): 1) What sample type was used and what is the species of the samples? 2) What antibody dilution was tried? 3) Which blocking reagent was used? 4) Which secondary antibody/detection system was employed? Also, please let me know your order number. If the item was purchased within the last 6 months, I'd be happy to discuss a replacement with you. Please let me know the requested information. I look forward to hear back from you and assist in resolving this case for you.

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