Alexa Fluor® conjugated secondary antibodies

Our Alexa Fluor® conjugated secondary antibodies are high quality fluorescent secondary antibodies conjugated to Alexa Fluor dyes that are extensively tested for fluorescent cell staining to ensure bright fluorescent staining and low background. See below table with Alexa Fluor emission and absorption spectra so you can choose the compatible Alexa Fluor secondary antibody.

Alexa Fluor 488         Alexa Fluor 594         Alexa Fluor 647

Customer review:

Goat Anti-Mouse IgG H&L (Alexa Fluor® 488) (ab150113)

"It worked perfectly... The intensity of the fluorescence was really great too, strongly recommend." 


Brightest dyesThe fluorescence intensity of Alexa Fluor® dyes outperform other spectrally similar dyes
Greater photostabilityIncreased photostability allows for longer periods of image capture
pH insensitivityAlexa Fluor® fluorescence intensity remains high over a broad pH range
Good water solubilityGood water solubility prevents the precipitation and aggregation of Alexa Fluor® conjugated antibodies


  • In house manufacturing within our laboratories guarantees consistency and quality.
  • Alexa Fluor® conjugates ensure you make the most of your money by providing lower optimal working dilutions.
  • The wavelength at which Alexa Fluor® conjugates absorb matches the most common operational wavelengths of excitation sources.


  • We currently offer nine Alexa Fluor® dyes covering the whole of the spectrum from the UV to the far infrared.
  • The Alexa Fluor® dyes have been conjugated to a large number of secondary antibodies raised in different species including donkey, goat and rabbit.
  • A large number within the range are pre-adsorbed ensuring low species cross reactivity - thus ideal for multi-color analysis.


  • Our Alexa Fluor® conjugated secondary antibodies have been tested in a wide range of applications including immunofluorescence/immunocytochemistry (IF/ICC), flow-cytometry, and fluorescent western blot.

Alexa Fluor dyes emission and absorption spectra:

Alexa Fluor®Absorption max (nm)Emission max (nm)


Quantum yield
405402421      35,000         -

We now have over 200 different Alexa Fluor® secondary antibody conjugates.

Alexa Fluor® is a registered trademark of Life Technologies. Alexa Fluor® dye conjugates contain(s) technology licensed to Abcam by Life Technologies.

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