Gold nanoparticle conjugated secondary antibodies (AbGold)

Gold nanoparticle conjugated secondaries for use in applications such as electron microscopy, flow cytometry and lateral flow.

Gold nanoparticles are being used for an ever increasing range of experiments, for instance bio-imaging.  We now provide high quality gold nanoparticles (sizes 1.4nm to 40nm) conjugated to secondary antibodies. To identify the correct gold nanoparticle size which is optimal for your experiment, please refer to the following:

Nanoparticle     size

  Lateral Flow

Scanning EMTrans-mission EMFlow CytometryDynamic Light Scattering



The table above is provided merely as a guideline, the various gold nanoparticle sizes may be used in applications other than those stated above.


Our portfolio consists of gold nanoparticles ranging from 1.4nm to 40nm with secondary antibodies against:

To pick your secondary antibody conjugated to gold nanoparticles, filter your results based upon nanoparticle size, species reactivity plus additional options.

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