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Week 1: the basics

Catch up on the basic information you need before starting any imaging experiment. 

To start you on your journey to becoming a fluorescence imaging expert, we have compiled resources to give you the basics you need before starting any fluorescence imaging experiment.


1. Counting cells using a hemocytometer

Get our protocol to obtain a viable cell count from suspension cells using a hemocytometer.

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  2. Aseptic technique video protocol

Aseptic technique prevents contamination of cell cultures and reagents by microorganisms. Watch our aseptic technique video protocol that shows you how to sterilize work areas and use appropriate sterile handling techniques, personal protective equipment and good hygiene.

3. Learn about your confocal microscope

In this webinar you will learn all about confocal microscopy: from sample preparation through to data analysis, common pitfalls and problems, optimizing instrument set up and the advanced applications for which confocal microscope can be used.

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