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Secondary antibodies for veterinary research

Conjugated secondary antibodies against a diverse set of species including alligator, bird and bovine

Veterinary research tools

Veterinary research is a continuously expanding discipline, focused around reproduction, infectious diseases, cancer, immunology, diagnostic tests and more.  As veterinary research is a highly specialized area - specific tools are required for pioneering experiments; recognizing this demand we have assembled a portfolio of high quality secondary antibodies relevant to this area.

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Target species

African Green MonkeyAlligatorArmenian Hamster
BaboonBirdBottlenose Dolphin
Cynomolgus MonkeyDogDonkey
DuckFerretGuinea Pig
Rhesus monkeySheepSyrian hamster

To help you choose your veterinary secondary antibody from our portfolio of products, we have grouped all our resources to make the process easier - discover how our secondary antibodies can support your research.

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