Secondary antibodies optimized for co-immunoprecipitation western blotting

Identify and isolate physiologically relevant proteins bound to your target protein using co-immunoprecipitation (co-IP), and uncover protein-protein interactions without interference from primary antibody heavy and light chain after co-IP steps..

Common problems associated with secondary antibodies for western blotting, after the co-IP step, are the signals generated as a result of the denatured primary antibody heavy (~50 kDa) or light chains (~25 kDa). This can cause a masking effect, making it difficult to detect your protein of interest if it migrates to around either the 50 kDa or 25 kDa markers.

To overcome this masking issue, we have developed secondary antibodies optimized for co-IP that only recognize primary antibodies in their native state. This eliminates the detection of denatured primary heavy and/or light chains during western blotting. 

Furthermore, these optimized secondary antibodies are conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP), alkaline phosphatase (AP), or biotin – all ideal for western blotting.

When choosing secondary antibodies optimized for co-IP, it is important to take into consideration the size of your protein of interest.

Secondary antibodies optimized for co-IP for full-length intact proteins of any size

Product nameConjugateProduct code
Anti-goat IgG VeriBlot for IP secondary antibodyHRPab157532
Anti-mouse IgG VeriBlot for IP secondary antibodyBiotinab131367
Anti-mouse IgG VeriBlot for IP secondary antibodyHRPab131368
IgG VeriBlot for IP secondary antibody - bovine, goat, human, mouse, rat, rabbit, sheepAPab131365
IgG VeriBlot for IP secondary antibody - bovine, goat, human, mouse, rat, rabbit, sheepHRPab131366

​Light chain-specific secondary antibodies for proteins of interest, greater than 30 kDa

Product nameConjugateProduct code
Rat anti-mouse kappa light chainAPab99616
Rat anti-mouse lambda light chainAPab99624
Rat anti-mouse kappa light chainAPab99631
Mouse anti-rabbit IgG light chainAPab99696
Mouse anti-rat kappa light chainAPab99691
Mouse anti-human lambda light chainHRPab99811
Rat anti-mouse kappa light chainHRPab99617
Rat anti-mouse lambda light chainHRPab99632
Mouse anti-rabbit IgG light chainHRPab99697
Mouse anti-rat kappa light chainHRPab99692

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