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Thank you so much about info of your antibodies, it helped me a lot. I did the scanning for sequence alignments across different species and it seems that ab77289 sequence is quite conserved. In danio there was difference just between 1-2 amino acids, same for tilapia (those are the only two fishes where SERCA2 has been sequenced or sequence has been published). And comparison to frogs, lizards, birds and mammals was even more compatible. And what was nice to notice, in invertebrates the difference was not too bad either. So I think if any of your antibodies are going to work it is the ab77289. Obviously, as you said, there is no certainty that it will work with salmonids but at least I can test it. Thank you Kate! Cheers,


Thank you for your reply. From the information you have provided, the alignment with the Danio sounds high, and although we cannot guarantee it without laboratory testing, we would suggest the antibody should detect in this fish. I can recommend to consider submitting an Abreview with the results via the online product datasheet. We always encourage customers to send their results back to us, whether positive or negative, and we make all product information available to researchers. We provide Abpoint rewards for submission of all Abreviews. To find out more about our Abreview system, please see the following webpage: I wish you the best of luck with your experiments and research. I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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