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Dear technical support team:

This customer has purchased ab104504 (Anti-SGSM3 antibody) and has conducted the wb several times with human sample. The results show wrong band size, therefore, she would like to ask for your help to modify her experiment step, could you please offer any suggestion to improve her result?

I attached the image in this letter and her experiment step as follow:
1. Order details:
Batch number:GR74168-1
Could you please help this customer to solve the problem?
Thanks for your kindly help
Best regards


Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire and contact us. I am sorry to hear the customer hashad difficulty obtaining satisfactory results from this Anti-SGSM3 antibody.

The details kindly provided will provide us with vital information for our monitoring of product quality.

Indeed, I agree that the band for SGSM3 should be expected at 85 kDa (or 88 kDa for isoform 2). To be honest, I do nothave a goodexplanationwhy the customer observes a band at 70 kDa. It might have something to do with the nature of the samples: human carcinoma cells often exhibit genetic mutations that may lead to the expression of a truncated protein or a fusion protein of a different size than expected. However, this is not very well documented so far. As the protocol used by the customer seems fine to me, I am happy to offer the customer a free of charge replacement. This could either be a new vial of ab104504, or I may recommend a vial of our alternative SGSM3 antibody ab99422 to verify the results. (or use the following:

Otherwise, I am happy to send any other primary antibody or issue a credit note in compensation.

Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you with details of how the customer would like to proceed.

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