Question (62638) | Anti-SLC4A4/NBC antibody (ab56215)

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Customer kindly contacted us to inquire about the immunogen sequence for ab56215.


Thank you for contacting us and your interest in our products. The immunogen sequence used to raise theab56215 Anti-SLC4A4 antibodyis proprietary information. However, in order to aid your research I am able to share it with you. Please do not share or publish this information. It is strictly for your own use. The peptide sequence used is as follows: Abcam also carries secondary antibodies for use in Flow Cytometry and Direct Conjugation Kits. Our EasyLink kits providea simple and quick process to conjugate your primary antibodies with FITC. Ab102885 EasyLink FITC Conjugation Kit can be found at the following link: OurGoat polyclonal Secondary Antibody to Rabbit IgG - H&L (DyLight® 488), pre-adsorbed can be found at: For a limited time we are offering our Cell Imaging Book with any secondary antibody order. Just include the codeCELL-TBVCQ when ordering. More information about this promotion and our Cell Imaging Book can be found at: I hope this information has been of help to you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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