Question (38613) | Anti-Smac / Diablo antibody [Y12] (ab32023)

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Dear sirs

Please I need a secondary antibody working with ab32023 on flowcytometer by dye (FITC and PE) please suggest

Sincerely yours,


Thank you for your inquiry.

I chose two secondary antibodies for each conjugate. If you would like to review the whole selection of possible secondary antibodies,please use our secondary antibody search tool:

anti rabbit conjugated with FITC:

ab98502 (or use the following:

ab98466 (or use the following:

anti rabbit conjugated with PE:

ab97070 (or use the following:

ab98494 (or use the following:

I can recommend to also review the new conjugates which have are much more stable than the old conjugates FITC and PE:

For more general information please follow the following links:

I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me again with any further questions.

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