Question (47816) | Anti-SMN/Gemin 1 antibody [2B1] (ab5831)

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In the past I have ordered theAnti-Gemin 1 antibody [2B1] and did have not problem with immune staining of free floating spinal cords. Recently, we ordered a new batch and I have not been able to reproduce the data neither the labeling. I have tried several dilutions, antigen retrieval, microwave, ethanol, fresh frozen sections, etc..Is this 2B1 ab working?


Thank you for contacting us with your question and for letting us know about the trouble with this new vial of ab5831.

I have looked through our records, and we don't have any other reports of this antibody not working. Could you tell me a little more about the situation, so we can better assist you?

1) What lot(s) have you used in the past, and what lot is not working now?
2) What species are the spinal cord sections from?
3) Is there any staining at all, or is the staining pattern incorrect?
4) Are you using the same tissue as you did with the previous vial(s)? If so, how has the tissue been stored?
5) What dilutions or concentrations have you tried? Did you leave the antibody on the tissue overnight or for a shorter incubation time?
6) What kind of antigen retrieval was tried?
7) What blocking solution is used?

I look forward to hearing from you and resolving this issue promptly. Please let me know if you have any further questions or if there is anything else that we can do for you.

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