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We purchased two tubes of your Gemin-1[2B1] antibody. This is an antibody we have used before without any problems. We have recently used the new antibody for IF and have found a large amount of background compared to what we have previously observed(see attached images). This antibody is extremely important to our research and we were hoping that you could send us a replacement for the bad antibody.


Thank you for contacting us.

Could you please send me a few more experimental details for our records:

1) What samples and species was used?
2) What is the antibody dilution and incubation time employed for the primary antibody?
3) Which blocking reagent was used?
4) Is the secondary antibody working well with other primaries?
5) Did you try out both vials? If not, I'd suggest trying the second vial as well as the issue could be just vial -related.
6) Were there any changes donein your sample preparation or protocol when using the old lot and the newlot?

What kind of replacement were you looking for? We have 1 vial of a different lot in stock currently which I can send you. Alternatively, a different Gemin1 antibody can be sent free of charge.
Please let me what you would prefer. Thank you so much!

I look forward to hear back from you and assist you further.

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