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This is my email address. We plan to order ab113179 and ab13534 soon. Before order these products, we have questions.

My questions are:

1. ab113179: For western blotting, did you use anti SOD2 antibody or anti-His antibody? I saw 25 KD beautiful band in your website, but this information (i.e. which antibody you used)is missing. Please let me know the catalog number of antibody you used for this western assay.

2. ab113179: Does this protein go to cytosome? I am thinking about treating cells with this protein in culture and wondering if this protein is biologically active or not. In addition, I am not able to see any information from "Functional study" section (look like blank) under "Applications" for some reason.

3. If there is no information for above question "2". We can test it using His antibody. Could you provide us anti-His antibody which works for immunocyte staining complimentary (for free)? We will order two products above this time but three products are kind of too much. We are sure our research section atTSRH has beenpurchasing many of your Abcam products for many years.

4. ab13534: We plan to stain pig tissue (paraffin section) with this antibody, but another product ab13533 looks also good. Which product would you recommend for our purpose (ab13534 vs. ab13533)?


Thank you for contacting Abcam and for sending me these questions.

In regards to your first question, we used an anti-SOD antibody for the western blot image. However the particular product we used is not offered by us for sale. We do offer a number of anti-SOD products amany are guaranteed to work in western, quite a few have been used in publications. Ab13533 and ab13534 each have 16 pubmed references, excellent abreviews and are guaranteed to work in pig tissues.

As to your second question regarding the activity of the peptide ab113179. The proteinhas not been tested for use in a cell-based assay; the activity assay listed was performed in vitro. We know it is active insomuch as it will convert hydrogen peroxide to O2 and water in an assay that can measure the rate of that conversion, but that is all. Ifyou wants to try treating cells with the protein the conditions for getting that to work would definitely need to be determined in the lab.

The Mn SOD protein would normally be found in mitochondria. If the protein did indeed go into cells,it could bedetected by Western with either an anti-SOD antibody or with an antibody against the his tag. However, if there was concern about separating the exogenous SOD from any that was there endogenously, detecting with an anti-His antibody would show specificity for SOD-200. Again I would recommend using ab13533 or ab13534 for western or ICCandI would definitely recommend a positive control.

As to which product, ab13533 or ab13534, you would chose to use for your staining. I feel that both are excellent choices. Both are highly reviewed and published. Ab13534 does have more IHC-P images and information available on the datasheet however, which may be valuable should have questions about procedures and staining patterns.

I hope this information has helped. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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