Question (28556) | Anti-SOX9 antibody [3C10] (ab76997)

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I don't have the catalogue number on hand now (at home), but it is in the second page of the first pdf  (the sheet from abcam is scanned onto that page). Let me know if it isn't evident.  


The antibody, ab76997 is recognizing a non-specific band and I was trying to see if we had any information on what that band could be. I have not been able to find any information on the non-specific band and so I am not sure what it could be. As you mentioned in your previous email, as it is recognizing this non-specific band the antibody is unsuitable for you to carry out the assay that you originally purchased it for. Therefore I can send a replacement SOX9 antibody free of charge. Looking through our catalogue, there are a few potential antibodies that would be suitable replacements, these are:ab58191, ab3697.

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