Question (72070) | Anti-SOX9 antibody [3C10] (ab76997)

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Product code: 76997
Inquiry: Hello, do you know if this Sox9 antibody cross-react with Sox10 ? There is a high identity between both proteins in the immunogenic region (see below). Range 1: 366 to 466GenPeptGraphicsNext MatchPrevious Match Alignment statistics for match #1 Score Expect Identities Positives Gaps 186 bits(413) 5e-54 63/106(59%) 67/106(63%) 5/106(4%) Query 5 PSHYSEQQQHSPQQIAYSPFNLPHYSPSYPPITRSQYDYTDHQNSSSYYSHAAGQGTGLY 64 P HY +Q S QIAY LPHY +P I R Q+DY DHQ S YY H AGQ GLY Sbjct 366 PPHYTDQP--STSQIAYTSLSLPHYGSAFPSISRPQFDYSDHQPSGPYYGH-AGQASGLY 422 Query 65 STFTYMNPAQRPMYTPIADTSGVPSIPQTHSPQHWEQPVYTQLTRP 110 S F YM P QRP+YT I D S PS PQ HSP HWEQPVYT L RP Sbjct 423 SAFSYMGPSQRPLYTAISDPS--PSGPQSHSPTHWEQPVYTTLSRP 466


Thank you for contacting us.

We can reassure you that the antibody is SOX9 specific, it should not be cross reacting with SOX10.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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