Question (70091) | Anti-SPAM1 antibody [1D6] (ab50693)

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The customer want to test the below antibodies for Bovine & WB .

None of the same is tested for the Bovine . So if it is feasible , then please issue discount code .

1. Ab1828

2. Ab8448

3. Ab23706

4. Ab49341

5. Ab50693

6. Ab101892

7. Ab101894

8. Ab125362



Thank you for contacting us.

The antibodies ab1828, ab23706 and ab50693 are tested with Bovine (Cow) tissue and are fully guaranteed so the Abreview discount is not valid for these.

I am happy to provide discount code for others antibodies however I will send 2 discount codes for a start, once customer gets good results then I will provide the codes for others. Could you please ask customer choosing the 2 antibodies from ab8448, ab49341, ab101892, ab101894 and ab125362.

Could you also provide customer's email and institution name?

Many thanks for your cooperation. I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

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