Question (43637) | Staurosporine, Protein kinase inhibitor (ab120056)

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It was my writing mistake - I apologise - I meat that added 100 ul (micro litres) of DMSO to the bottle with staurosporine, that gave me the concentration of 2 mM. Subsequently I diluted that stock solution with RPMI media to get the required concentrations.

With apologies,


Thank you for the clarification and for your quick response.

It seems that the staurosporine is used at the right concentration for these cells so we are unsure why they are not detecting any apoptosis.

Would you be so kind to confirm how the cell viability has been checked and whether or not the cell look viable (i.e. example under a light microscope)?
Are you using a positive control for the assays?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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