Question (52257) | Anti-Streptokinase antibody (ab35168)

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Is it possible to provide expiry date in this ?




Thank you for your enquiry.

We do not have set expiration dates for our products. Most antibodies are stable and can last for anywhere from a few months to several years if stored properly, so we strongly recommend that you follow the storage instructions on the datasheet for the antibody you purchased. These conditions will vary among our antibodies, therefore, it is important to verify the storage conditions for each of our products when you receive them. We guarantee all of our products to work for at least 120 days from the date of purchase when stored correctly.

For more information on antibody storage and stability, please visit our Antibody Storage Guide on our Protocols and Troubleshooting Tips page (

I hope this information helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything further.

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