Question (34821) | Anti-SUR1 antibody (ab32844)

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Please see attached - let me know if you need any further info.


Thank you for confirming all the details.

The mouse species has been added to the datasheet from a publication We unfortunately hold no tested data with mouse lysates. The mouse and human SUR1 are quite similar at the immunogenic region so it is more likely that the antibody will work.

We currently haven't received any complaint other than the 2 you submitted last year. So we are not sure if this issue is lot related. I have checked the case again and would like to suggest changing few things and hoping that the antibody will be OK;

- SUR1 is multipass membrane protein; for mmp we do not recommend boiling the sample with loading buffer. Please try heating samples for 60-70C for 10-15 minutes.
- The lot conc. we have sent is 0.5 mg/ml. 1/100 dilution is OK to use.
- if possible please include a positive control with human cell lines e.g. U2OS, A431, pancreatic tissue lysates, Tonsil, gall bladder, liver or lung tissue lysates.

Please address all the emails of this complaint to me (ab32844).

Let me know how these suggestions go. if the results does not improve I will then ask to choose another anti SUR1 antibody.

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