Question (35012) | Anti-SUR1 antibody (ab32844)

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Thank you for your email - the problem is that we used same conditions as before (the replaced antibody with long incubation time), however, we did not get any SUR1 bands at all. You think 1:100 dilution is OK to use, but we incubated the blot at this concentration for very long time (3 days), this is quite different from the most other antibodies people used! This time even incubating for 3 days won't work (but beta actin is fine).

We do not know what else we could do?


We now have new lot in stock so I can send you one vial as a replacement antibody. Again because we haven't tested this lot in mouse so we cannot confirm the ab will work.

You have kindly mentioned in previous emails that the antibody worked before so perhaps running suggested human lysates will give goodindication whether the antibody is wrong or the lysates.

Let me know if you are interested in getting the new lot.

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