Question (64055) | Anti-Survivin antibody [60.11] (ab93274)

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you will find the answers to your questions:

The image is totally clean so could I double check? I blot the same membrane for anti-p21 and I obtained a band to the correct size

have you used 400 cells/ well or 50- 90ug protein/ lane? The image that I have attached to the e-mail represent different µg of whole lysate for lane. In another gel I tried to load 400.000 cell/line as protocol that I used in my lab.
- Did you observe same clean membrane after trying 3 times? yes
- Is the secondary antibody fine? Have you tried "loading control" with the same lysates? the secondary antibody is correct and I load the same lysate on another gels and I blotted the membrane with other antibodies.
- Is it true no protease inhibitors were added? Could you try after adding a PI cocktail? the Laemmli buffer does nor require the addition of protease inhibitors.

I would like to test another batch of this antibody and if I have the same results I buy another antibody.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.

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We unfortunately do not have new batch available yet. Would like to try another vial from same batch?

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