Question (65407) | Anti-Survivin antibody [60.11] (ab93274)

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I have a problem with this new bath that you send me the last week.
I wrote you that I tested the antibody but when I used again an aliquot (as you suggest I stocked the antibody in aliquots to avoid the freeze-thawing cycles) and I blotted my membranes I obtained any bands. The lysates loaded are the same used to test the new batch.
I request again the substitution of the antibody but I would like to receive the polyclonal antibody against survivin. I choose the antibody code Ab24479 because I see the datasheet and I think that this antibody is more appropriate for my requirement.

Thank you in advance.


As per your previous email you were quite happy with the antibody as it was working. Could you let me know what is the problem now? Do you mean the aliquots does not work after storing the antibody at -20C? Do you know if all the aliquots failed or it is just this one?

Could you also let me know how it was stored?


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