Question (66903) | Anti-Survivin antibody [60.11] (ab93274)

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after I received the stock of antibody,I thawed slowly on ice the vial and I prepared aliquot of the antibody on ice and then I stored the aliquots at -20°C as I have always done with your antibody that I bought before.
The first time when I thawed the original vial I prepared the aliquot and in the same time I used the antibody and the blot was ok.
Instead, when I used an aliquot stored on -20° I obtained no bands on my blot.
I tested three different aliquots in three different time and I obtained the same results: the blot is completely white.
Thank you in advance for your reply.


Thank you for your email.

I apologize for delay as I was gathering temperature sensitivity data for this antibody. Unfortunately laboratory is not aware of any kind of degradation of this antibody after storing it at -20C. We however acknowledge the time you have spent and would be happy to provide another free of charge replacement. Could you confirm if you are interested?

I have one suggestion which you can follow if you like "store 1-2 aliquots at -20C and to the rest add 1:1 ratio of Glycerol before storing - this will help to understand if freezing at -20C have damaging effect on antibody.

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