Advance your research with our collection of products and information for your VEGF and angiogenesis research.

Studying VEGF? We can help.

A complete range of reagents for your project to study VEGF, its signaling pathways and angiogenesis.

Studying VEGF as a therapeutic target?

Achieve the goals of your VEGF research with our flexible and tailored product offering and custom services.

Interactive VEGF signaling pathways

Explore VEGF signaling through the Ras/MAPK, FAK/paxillin and PI3K/AKT pathways, and find reagents to study their function.

The role of VEGF in angiogenesis

Read about VEGF isoforms, VEGF receptors, their role in angiogenesis, and find antibodies, kits and inhibitors for your experiment.

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