Histone H3 and histone modifications

Advance your histone modifications research with our collection of guides, protocols and related products.

Your go-to guide to methods to study histone modifications.

With over 600 histone modifications identified it can be difficult to know which techniques and reagents to use. Find out which are right for your research.

Histone modifications: a guide.

Learn about histone modifications - such as methylation, acetylation and phopsphorylation - and their role in gene expression.

The most cited histone antibody.

Our anti-histone H3 antibody (ab1791) is trusted by hundreds to deliver consistent, high-quality results. See supporting data.

Assays for histone methylation.

Assays for histone methyltransferase and demethylase activity can be complex to develop. View our solutions. 

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Histone modifications guide


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