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Detect and measure MMP-9 activity with our collection of protocols, guides and products.

Compare leading MMP-9 antibodies in IHC.

Are you using the most sensitive MMP-9 antibody? Our MMP-9 RabMAb® antibody goes further than our competitors.

Stimulate MMP-9 expression

No bands on your blot? Try our protocol for stimulating MMP-9 expression with PMA.

Find an MMP-9 antibody for your application

Use our MMP-9 antibody selector to quickly find the right MMP-9 for your research.

Gelatin zymography protocol

Use this straightforward technique to measure gelatinase enzyme activity.

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Western blot protocol


Gelatin zymography protocol


Highly cited MMP-9 antibody


MMP-9 antibody selector


Compare MMP-9 antibodies in IHC


Western blot protocols


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