c-Myc and Myc tag

Advance your research with our collection of guides and a portfolio of high-performance products.

Get the best out of your experiments with our toolbox of high-performance c-Myc and Myc tag products.

Analyze c-Myc expression, regulation, target genes and miRNAs with a complete portfolio of tools, from antibodies, to specific inhibitors and assay kits.

Interview with Professor Gerard Evan.

Listen to Professor Gerard Evan on why targeting the engines of cancer, such as c-Myc, could prove more effective than personalized medicine.

​​c-Myc and Myc tag antibodies.

Try our rabbit monoclonal to c-Myc and our 9E10 clone to the Myc tag​.

c-Myc structure, function and regulation.

An overview of the c-Myc protein structure and function, and its role in gene regulation and cancer.

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