Tubulin resources

Get the most out of your tubulin research and staining with our collection of guides, protocols and related products.

Unravel the tubulin code

Many breakthroughs have been made in microtubule dynamics since the discovery of tubulin in 1967. Make your own mark with this guide to microtubule dynamics and function.

Directly conjugated cytoskeletal markers

Save time in your staining protocol with directly conjugated primary antibodies. Ideal for multicolor experiments.

Organelle markers and dyes

Explore research tools to identify protein subcellular localization.

Loading controls guide

Get publication-quality blots with your definitive guide to loading controls.

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Anti-Ago2 / eIF2C2 antibody IF staining

ICC/IF protocol


Live cell staining dyes


Loading controls - why bother?


Tau in Alzheimer's disease


Microtubule inhibitor guide


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